fave photo friday


This is from a few weeks ago, but its a goody.

current state of motherhood

I feel like this gets talked about a lot but….it is so true.  The range of experiences and emotions that one experiences as a (primarily) stay-at-home parent is mind blowing.  Within a given day (ok, lets be real, 1/2 hour), I experience the highs of watching my children play, sharing their joy, observing their development, receiving and giving affection, etc. etc…  I also experience the lows of meltdowns, physical exhaustion, loneliness, messes, you get the idea.  Most days I find myself apologizing once or more to my kids for messing up (hey, moms have meltdowns too).


But for real.  these faces.  we’ve had a fabulous and long summer break and

it has been just. so. great.

Summer days


*Just found this post in my drafts folder.  Today we found out J’s new school won’t be ready as scheduled (new building).  Summer has been extended until September 18th!  Hooray for more summer days!


Enjoying a nice slow, summer day.

Fave photo Friday

This guy. 😍


Progress notes, princess sofia, coffee, and watercolor.

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