fave photo friday


That one time Jackson was more into taking a picture than Maggie.  Both are always very into helping me in the kitchen.

January Snow!

Last month we got some good snow!  A good 5-6 inches! Unfortunately, I was recovering from the stomach bug on the first day ( I still dressed up those kiddos and sent them out) but was able to make it outside the next day.  It was so pretty!

Super 2nd Grader

Last week we got to visit Jackson’s school for a curriculum night.  The kids showed us what they have been learning and we got to participate in one of their “daily meetings”.


We’re so proud of you Jackson!

Happy birthday E! (A day late)

We love you E!  Can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend!

fave photo friday



Maggie was so excited to have a post-nap tea party.  (Even big brother wanted to a part of the next one when he heard milanos were involved)

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