sunday night

i want to remember tonight.

we all went to a movie with E this afternoon and the boys and girls drove separately.

by the time jackson and travis got home with some errands after the movie, i had put willa to bed and maggie was zonked out on the couch.

jackson was reading on his bed when i asked him if he wanted to go on a walk with me.

he almost always does.

we changed, grabbed some popsicles and walked around the block.

our walk turned into catching lightning bugs in the backyard and passing the soccer ball.

after we came in he found me reading on my bed and asked if he could join.

i just want to remember.

Maggie at 4.5

Maggie’s half birthday was on April 7th and we celebrated with a colorful cake!  (We’re sitting together on the couch watching the “grownup” Beauty and the Beast while I attempt to write.)

Maggie girl,

at 4.5 (ish) years you:

  • are determined and so enthusiastic
  • are obsessed with using the remotes yourself
  • play with magnatiles, barbies, and babies
  • love to ride your bike everyday
  • want to be with people as much as possible
  • wake me up almost everyday and mostly wait for your clock to turn green first
  • love broccoli
  • are active
  • love treats, TV, and books
  • have finally started to say you are an artist and even that you want to be one when you grow up!
  • have finished your third year of preschool!
  • have grown so tall in the last few months
  • want your hair down
  • are excited about the move
  • put your shoes on the wrong feet most days
  • like to pick out your own outfits of course
  • are excited to play soccer this year
  • are OBSESSED with your baby sister


siblings (a delayed post)

(I just came across this draft that i wrote in November 2,  2016 and i dont think ever published! what a gem! also just realized that jackson still wears like all of the shirts he has on in these pictures from 2.5 years ago! )


I’ve actually been a little surprised by how quickly I’ve had to remind jackson and maggie to share, get along, etc.  But watching these two siblings is one of my greatest joys.  They adore each other.  I’m excited to get to observe this relationship and watch it grow.  I pray that they would always be great friends as my sisters are for me.  These two – they are the best thing.

img_2551 img_2127 img_1896 img_1793 img_1856 img_2077

Jackson at 9.5

On May 1st we celebrated Jackson’s half birthday with some chocolate cake.

Sidenote: It is (sadly for me) a sign of the times lately that the blog posts I want to write take approximately 2.5 months to think about, begin, and complete (ie Willa’s 7 month post??)  But I am determined to continue documenting our crazy, stressful, tiring, always-changing, beautiful life and I realize that a few months off doesn’t really matter.  So yes, I am going to let them have a little bit more screen time at the moment to at least finish this post.  (🤞 )



You’re halfway through your tenth year of life!  You’ve been ours for about a decade and it’s been incredible.  Things about you right now that I want to hold onto are:

  • how absolutely incredible you are as a big brother to your sisters.  you love them so much.
  • you’re so curious
  • You’re a reader (!!!)
  • you love to listen to books (right now it’s Lord of the Rings) and play with legos in your room
  • you love to ride to school with your dad while either listening to trivia/jokes on the radio or books
  • you’re wrapping up 3rd grade!
  • you just finished a soccer season (with no broken bones!) and you really grew as a player.  you play soccer almost every day at recess and i think it has really helped you to improve.  you have more confidence and its been so fun to watch
  • you have helped me learn to throw a football and you love to play catch
  • you eat a lot of cereal
  • you still sleep like a rock
  • you love to pass the soccer ball or the football (you have a pretty good spiral!)
  • generally optimistic about our upcoming move

I want you to know that, I am so proud of you.  So grateful for you.  You are kind and thoughtful.  You are sensitive and understanding.

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