Six months with Willa


You are SIX months old (on Mardi Gras!) Willa girl!

A whole half of a year!

Unfortunately, month 6 didn’t bring improvement in sleep.  And there was some illness as well.  You had croup for the first time which was a bummer.  We had to take you to the doctor for that.  You had your first (actually maybe 2nd) fever a couple of weeks later.  You met your friend Ella!

You like watching porkchop.  You think it’s funny to watch people on the stairs while I’m carrying you.  We love your funny faces.  You like to be held.  A lot.  You are making different sounds which is fun.

You chew on stuff like crazy.

You love the swing in the backyard, you’re content in it for a long time and you smile the most when Jackson pushes you.  You’re getting more ok with baby food.  I think you’ll just be ready for regular food early.

You’re still not rolling over a lot but you can.  You’re wiggly in your bed and you like to practice sitting up the most.  We love having you in the high chair at the table with us at meals.

. You have eczema and its a bummer. boo.

We celebrated your first valentine’s day!

We love you Willa!

It seriously blows my mind that your first year is halfway over.  Can’t wait to see more of your personality sweet girl.


Stats!  (remarkably similar to your sister actually)

Weight: 19 lb 12.5 oz (94th percentile)

Length: 28 in (98th percentile)

Head: 17 in (71st percentile)

Jackson at 6 months

Maggie at 6 months

fave photo friday

No school today…..thankful for warm weather, rise donuts, and the park.

here comes the sun

we had a free afternoon and glory be the sun was out so i packed the van before getting jackson from school today and headed to the park for soccer and friends!



fave photo friday


Celebrating Hadley’s SIXTH birthday at Chuck E Cheese last weekend!

Love you Hadley!

Five months with Willa

Given that Willa will be SIX months old on Tuesday, I thought it only appropriate to (finally) write her 5 month post 🙂



Your 5 month pics were taken during some particularly lovely weather we enjoyed at the beginning of February.  It was fun to break out a couple of my favorite warm weather outfits from Maggie.


Unfortunately, the theme of your fifth month of life was sleep regression.  Girl, it has been rough!

You also, spent time away from Mommy at Jean’s house so Mommy and Daddy could go on an actual date!  We’ve been busy with trips to Durham, carpool, and the park when the weather is nice.

You’ve enjoyed visits from your grandparents.

You love your Bumbo and still enjoy your playmat and books.

You started solids!  Cereal was yucky.  We tried banana and applesauce after that.  I think sweet potatoes are your favorite (but we may have tried that in the next month, I honestly can’t remember).

You started spending some time in the stroller without you car seat!  You like being upright.

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