friday update

we spent the day recouping after a long and unexpected day in the ER yesterday and a trip to the ophthalmologist this morning.  thankful for clear test results and our happy baby.

Willa spent most of the day unaware of what was going on around her and how worried her parents were.

Sweet feet.

Happy to go home!

the two of us


thankful for big kids who can take pictures of mommy every now and then too.

10 weeks with willa

hey girl, you’re 10 weeks old today!  you’ve had a couple of rough days this week, it was good to see you smile today.

fave photo friday

when did this guy grow so much?  homemade spear courtesy of y guides

big girl haircut

It may have been a long time coming, but Maggie got a pretty significant haircut last friday.  She did so great and i love how it looks.

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