11 month maggie!

Ok, 11 1/2 month maggie 😉

Our Maggie is getting so big. She says cup and daddy (instead of dada) and is learning to stack blocks and boy does she scoot around! No “real” crawling yet, just army crawling! Maggie is not a big fan of milk or formula but loves eating table food now! Maggie has her two front bottom teeth, and one front tooth (the other is on its way!)

maggie, you are a delight!  you are affectionate, funny, communicative, loving, boisterous, and we couldn’t imagine our family without you.  your brother adores you and delights in caring for you, playing with you, and entertaining you!  can’t wait to celebrate your birthday in a couple of weeks!!!

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1219 IMG_1221 IMG_1228 IMG_1232 IMG_1238 IMG_1244

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