15 months

for his first year, i photographed jackson every month in his nursery chair with his toy beagle.  i will continue every few months this year.

our boy jackson at 15 months old…




loves it.  if jackson had a motto it would be, “music is life – life is music”.  not even kidding.

he did learn a new dance move last week but mainly he just snaps to music.  he snaps at the computers, at the tv, in the car, and even in between songs, all to request music.

he loves eating pancakes and cheese, not necessarily together but i bet he would.  oh yes, and still loves scrambled eggs and bananas.

and cars, and brushing his teeth, and “helping” me do laundry.

jackson loves being outside mainly just to walk around, it makes him absolutely giddy.

light switches are among his favorite things as well as holding onto the railing on the stairs.

he points to the ceiling fan and tries to say “around and around”.

he wants to smell everything.

when i sit on the floor, sometimes jackson comes up behind me and i feel his hands on my back and then he’ll laugh and hug me.  its the greatest feeling.

he has an amazing laugh.

he adores his dad.

he gets very excited to wave and smile and laugh at practically everyone we see.

he hates being left in nursery…we’re working on that.

he is very squirmy and loves to be chased.

the other day travis put a blanket on jackson like a cape and jackson loved it and wore it around the house.

still napping twice a day but {unfortunately for mama} the naps are brief.

he hates getting into his high chair until there is food on the tray….we’re working on that one too.

when he hears my phone ring (or make any noise) he holds one hand up the air and “says” huh?

the official stats:

23 lb 1 ounce – 25th percentile

32 inches tall – 76th percentile  (exactly half of my height!)

19 inch head circumference – 76th percentile

i hope im not forgetting anything, i want so badly to remember as much as i can!

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  1. Erin

    whoa. he is so big!!!!

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