18 month Maggie!

Oh my sweet baby. It blows my mind that she’s 18 months old.  The picture above sums her up, books and animal noises! We love seeing her walk and play. We’ve been having a lot of fun!

18 month old Maggie….

  • Likes to eat a good variety of foods including cheese, cucumber with cream cheese, Popsicles, eggs, pears, apple (she always asks for it but only sometimes eats it), syrup, fruit, gnocchi 
  • Finally started to sleep really well (until mommy and daddy went away for the weekend and she’s had a hard time in the week since)
  • Is walking like a champ
  • Loves to have her brother drive her in his truck
  • Calls shoes and socks, and sunglasses hats
  • When she wants to go outside she asks for hat
  • Holds her hands up when she asks questions 
  • Loves her pacis and calls them “Dee-dee”
  • Tries to ride bikes and scooters
  • Loves playing outside with her brother and neighbors 
  • Is OBSESSED with cats and can now say meow
  • Refers to most animals by their noise (dog, cat, duck, monkey, cow, cat, lion, snake, sheep)
  • But she does say bird, which she loves 
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES to read and go to the library 

  • Is very affectionate- loves to hug and kiss
  • Calls her brother jack
  • Finally says momma and sometimes mommy!
  • Is learning different facial expressions, surprised, happy, and sad
  • Has seemingly permanent scraped knees

Stats: weight 24 lbs 14oz – 59%

             Length 31.75 inch – 52%

              Head 18.5 inch – 63%


    1. Eleanor Hawthorne

      she’s growing up too fast

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