18 months

we are halfway through jackson’s second year.

oh my.



where to begin?

jackson has several new words: ice, off, and his favorite, “no”.  I couldnt tell you how many times “no” is said in  this house everyday!  he says “roar!” for lions and can do a very enthusiastic “rrrruff!” for dogs.  he has also recently started saying “oooo”, “mmm”,  and “uh – oh”.

i think his favorite food is grapes for now. i have to cut him off after a few servings.  when he wants more of something he asks and points to the spot on his plate where the food was.

today when taking pictures i asked him to smile, and he did!  i didn’t even know he knew that!


he can now identify his: hair, head, eyes (most of the time by blinking), ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, belly, belly button, knees and fingers.  he’s starting to learn arm and elbow.

jackson has two new favorite companions, an elmo doll and an old doll i had as a kid.  he is incredibly sweet to “baby” and elmo and likes to point out their eyes and nose and give them lots of kisses.

after 18 months of warning travis not to give him peanut butter until jackson was 2, i accidently did at home group a couple weeks ago.  oops.  now he is hooked!  he likes to eat a waffle with peanut butter for breakfast – just like his dad!

jackson now “says” please for just about everything he wants, it really is exciting for his mother :).


jackson is incredibly affectionate, especially in the mornings.  even at church when travis is playing for worship jackson waves at him and says “muah!”  over and over!

jackson likes to march around and he has also learned to shuffle his feet.

music continues to be one of his passions.

we are still struggling with getting jackson to stay in nursery.  well, i dont know if struggling is the right word, i didn’t even try this week.  it really does seem like he is intimidated by the big crowd as soon as we are in church, even while we are holding him.

our little introvert

im sure that i am forgetting many things.  i guess thats the beauty of the blog, i get to write about changes as they come along.  life with 18-month – old jackson is certainly less predictable than it was when he was younger, and requires more patience, but he is so much fun and blesses our hearts everyday.


all that picture-taking made someone really thirsty:


  1. eleanor

    these are some of my favorite pictures of Jackson that you have posted in a while. he really should do some modeling, especially if he poses like that! jkjk

  2. emily

    o.m.goodness that is a SWEET little boy.

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