2 Weeks With Willa

Our Willa Eleanor is two weeks old today.  There as already been a lot of excitement in her short time with us.


How she arrived….

Early Tuesday afternoon (September 4th)  I began to have contractions which led to a lot of walking (and other various exercises) and cleaning to try and help things along.  Things began to get more serious around 9/9:30 that night (while walking around the block countless times) and E arrived around 10:30.  At 12, Travis convinced me to call the Dr who informed me that it was time to, “find your husband, have him put you in the car, and go to L&D”.  We arrived at the hospital at 12:30, and at 2:43 am (on her due date!!) our Willa was here!  I’m still in shock by how quickly baby #3 made her appearance.  Aunt Jean met us at the hospital and was able to be there for Willa’s delivery.  Willa was 8 lb 11 0z (exceeding my guess of 8 lb 7 oz) and 22 inches long! Travis picked up the kids from school on Wednesday afternoon (Jackson got to leave early) and brought them to the hospital to meet their new sister.  We had many kind visitors while we were in the hospital, watched a lot of tennis (US Open), and got way too little sleep.  We were able to take her home on Friday morning to some very excited siblings.

Willa, after two weeks of getting to know you, I’m convinced you smile at me when I talk to you.  You have been a great eater from the start.  Your eyes are turning more blue.  You sleep all the time, and you’re doing great at night (I’m getting more sleep now than when pregnant!).  Your siblings adore you and constantly want to shower you with hugs and kisses.  There is a good amount of fighting over who gets to hold you.  You are happy to sleep in the rocker, swing, or bouncy seat.  You liked to be snugly tucked in and sometimes like a paci.  Your brother and sister have each had a turn being a little under the weather and boy do they hate having to keep their distance from you!

Last week…

You experienced your first hurricane, sleepover in Durham (due to said hurricane), trip to a friend’s house, lunch at Chickfila, move theater experience, Costco.  You have been a girl out and about town!

Last weekend your umbilical cord fell off and you had your first bath at home.  You didn’t cry at all!  And you got to go to church for the first time on Sunday.  (Spoiler alert: you slept through the whole thing.)

Some other things I want to remember…

We are watching the West Wing together during your many feedings.

You sleep in your carseat (so far).

I’m craving lots of soup and carbs as well as pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee.

My favorite times since bringing you home are when we are up early in the morning before everyone else and I cuddle you while drinking coffee and watching West Wing.  But you normally sleep too late!

I was, admittedly, pretty nervous about what it would be like to be Mom to three kiddos, but I am LOVING having a baby in the house again.  And Jackson and Maggie couldn’t be more excited about you.  Seriously.


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