21 months

oh jackson, you are getting way too old.

growing up so fast.

today, jackson turned 21 months old.



he didn’t really let me take pictures of him in the chair….until i let hudson sit with him.




at 21 months j.e.s. is …..

slightly obsessed with anything “Cars” and i am (somewhat) embarrassed to say he watches some most days.

content to play with his various cars and trucks all day every day.  he loves to just move them around the house together.  he’ll play with them on the coffee table and then on the couch, etc. etc.

somewhat of a picky eater.  but he does love mushrooms.

learning more and more how to play with his cousin and other kids

getting better at being in nursery at church

all about giving hugs and kisses.  we are lucky parents.


a funny dancer.  only a couple of moves.

having fun learning to color in his (of course) “cars” coloring book.

best at eating a big breakfast.  and i mean he eats at least 2 waffles with a banana.

wanting to go outside a lot, but its just so hot!

good at blowing bubbles in the pool

resistant to help in the pool, or with a lot of things.

housemates with his uncle trent, aunt jean (or “cheese” as he calls her) and hudson

fun to take out on lunch dates at whole foods and runs at the park.


still a great sleeper at home, but when we have been out of town this summer he ended up in our bed in the middle of the night.

really into cleaning with me.  he especially loves to help vacuum and even does it himself and asks me to get it out.

still in love with dogs and has started saying dog-dog.  maybe he’s trying to say good dog?

all about climbing on your back when you’re sitting down and then yelling “GO!” for a piggy-back ride.

still obsessed with pointing out trash cans, by yellling, “GO!”

really good at pretending to be a bird and flapping his hands for wings.

good at making animal noises including: lion, dog, cow, duck  (he actually quacks for all birds), bear


jackson has about 25 (ish) words?

he still signs for milk, more, eat, all done, please, and thank you.  my new favorite words are house, towel,and  gas.  cheese, trees, and shoes all sound pretty much the same and i have to use context clues to know what he’s talking about!


thats our boy.  im sure im forgetting things.  he is funny and sweet and empathetic.  so much fun.  he requires the best and most of me.


by the way, jackson started fake smiling (he closes his eyes when he does) when i asked him if he wanted to take his picture in the chair today.


  1. That last picture is AMAZING!! They are so cute together.

  2. Marcia (Grandma)

    They are so cute!

  3. you are such an inspiring blogger, katherine! i cant believe jackson is almost 2!

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