birthday eve

tonight, i have been waiting for maggie to fall asleep.  tonight, her fourth tooth is almost there and she knows she would rather rock and cuddle with momma in the nursery chair than fall asleep.


last year on the night of october 6th, I was four days after my due date.  i had been having regular contractions since about 4:00 when we were playing at the park with friends.  last year, at this time, i had already stayed at the hospital 3 times prior with the pregnancy.  including a brief trip two nights before.  eleanor was at the house, we were watching a movie and i was getting everything ready to go.  i had been apprehensive about having to leave jackson without being able to say goodbye and that didn’t happen at all! he knew that the baby was coming, he knew “e” was there, and i had been able to put him to bed myself, his last night as an only child.

everyone (including my doctor) said that the second baby would come so much faster than the first.  and while it is true that my labor with maggie was shorter than with jackson, it was in no way fast.  21 hours after regular contractions began, at 2:31 pm on October 7th, Maggie Grace Sutton was born.

when we got to the hospital around 11 or 12, labor was regular and getting more intense but it was clear that Maggie was not coming any time soon.  many laps were walked.  i was pretty much the only woman in labor at the hospital.  at one point while i was walking the halls, I saw a mom being wheeled to her recovery room with her new baby on her lap.  i longed to be on the other side, to experience the relief of it all being over!

after a long night, i was able to get the epidural around 5 something in the morning.  i felt that i experienced more intense labor with maggie than i did with jackson and boy, was that epidural sooo niiice.  🙂  i felt so relieved.  travis and i slept.  i only napped a little while before just enjoying the peace of relief and the sunny morning.  i did have a few minutes of excitement right after getting the epidural.  it felt like a panic attack and after some oxygen i felt much better.  (travis slept through that incident!) and a few minutes after the nurses left, i took off my oxygen mask thinking i was fine and then the panic happened again.  this time, i couldn’t find the call button and screamed at travis to find a nurse.  travis, who was oblivious to what was going on woke up and ran into the hallway.  this time, i left the oxygen mask on for quite some time 🙂

throughout the morning i kept everyone up to date via text, i listened to worship music and honestly just felt so good and excited.  after getting the epidural labor progressed and in the 1.5 to 2 hrs leading up to maggie’s arrival i again (as i did with jackson) experienced some intensity!  right before it was time to push, to travis’ alarm, the tears started to flow!  not from pain or fear, but from the sheer excitement of knowing i was going to meet my baby girl in moments!

the biggest difference between having jackson and having maggie, was that, with jackson, i had no idea what anything was going to be like.  it was so surreal.  after being jackson’s mommy, i knew what it meant to love a baby and my heart was ready.  after 2.5 pushes and about five minutes, maggie grace was on my chest and screaming!  she definitely made more noise than her brother upon arrival and weighed 8 lbs 4 oz.  (the doctor was convinced there was no way i was going to have an 8 lb baby but i had guessed 8 lbs 1 oz).  and that hair!!!


the doctor and nurses finished and slipped out quickly leaving travis and me to quietly meet and enjoy our girl.  after a while, i was wheeled to my room with maggie in my arms.  on the way we passed a woman walking the halls in labor.  i cant describe the feeling of finally seeing maggie’s face, holding her close, and knowing it was all done.

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