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3 months with Willa

Sweet Willa-girl, you are officially 3 months old today and also exactly 13 weeks old!

You’ve had an exciting third month of life.


  • We got your crib set up!
  • You went to the Life and Science Museum in Durham (our fave) for the first time on a rainy veteran’s day with your cousins.  Aunt Jean gave you a bottle.
  • You started playing more on your playmat, you like it a lot and just this past week or so you started being able to grab toys hanging from it.

  • You had your first trip to the ER.  That was definitely a day of excitement, sorry it wasn’t the fun kind.  Your eye looks almost completely better now!  We’re so surprised and thankful!
  • You’ve taken a couple of naps in Mommy and Daddy’s bed (don’t tell Jackson and Maggie).  You get endless affection from them of course.
  • We’ve gone to the gym a few times.
  • You went on a girl’s night dinner with Mommy, Jean, and E to celebrate Lucy’s birthday!
  • Of course, we celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Meme and Gdad’s!
  • You got to go to the Christmas Tree farm and help pick out your first tree!  By the way, you LOVE looking at the tree.
  • You smile more and more everyday.  You’ve given us some chuckles.
  • You’ve gone to Womble park, brrr!
  • And the big news is that you have slept all night in your crib the last two nights!  I missed you so much the first night and was worried so I slept with the video monitor right by my face.  You are a champion sleeper, my girl, thank you.
  • Sometimes you’re fussy in the evenings and want to eat a lot but given how you sleep at night thats fine by me!
  • You like when we read you books.
  • I don’t think you like being out in the cold.
  • You’re crying more in the car, but you’re in there a lot.  Sorry.


Can’t wait to celebrate your first Christmas with you this month.  You bring us all so much joy.

friday update

we spent the day recouping after a long and unexpected day in the ER yesterday and a trip to the ophthalmologist this morning.  thankful for clear test results and our happy baby.

Willa spent most of the day unaware of what was going on around her and how worried her parents were.

Sweet feet.

Happy to go home!

the two of us


thankful for big kids who can take pictures of mommy every now and then too.

10 weeks with willa

hey girl, you’re 10 weeks old today!  you’ve had a couple of rough days this week, it was good to see you smile today.

1 month with Willa



As always with parenting, time seems to simultaneously slow down and fly by.  One month has gone by already!  Just in the last few days she has changed, becoming more vocal, a little more awake, and has definitely smiled in response the last couple of days!  I feel like she has started holding onto me more when she’s on my shoulder.  She sleeps remarkably well.  We’ve had a couple nights of almost sleeping through the night!  Mostly, I wake up with her once a night.  Being the third, she practically lives in her carseat but goes along for the right (asleep mostly).


Willa-girl, we’re obsessed with you.


Jackson at one month

Maggie at one month

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