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week in review

I watched Hadley for like an hour and she got a tooth knocked out

Maggie became a ballerina

Jackson started the third grade


Jackson broke his arm on the second day of third grade


Maggie is still not tired of the pool

And crafting is still in full force


oh yeah, and still pregnant 🙂

fave photo friday


39 weeks

(we’re ready for you willa girl)

around today


Maggie made a train!


Maggie put on her new tie dye shirt, had me put her hair up, looked in the mirror and said, “I like me”.


I caught them crafting together!  It lasted about a minute 🙂

fave photo friday

We’ve been taking full advantage of our little porch lately.

a bit of magic

Motherhood, I have found, is a rather constant swing from highs to lows and back again.  In the middle of messes, frustrations, exhaustion, etc., there are moments of pure joy.  Today was no exception.  I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon, and was trying to lay down to rest after helping Maggie with finger-painting (!).


Maggie very sweetly was taking care of her baby next to me on the couch and then the magic happened….

She snuggled up next to me, and fell asleep.  The only sounds were our “sleep music” on my phone and the fan.  While laying with my big  baby girl, I could feel my new baby girl wiggle and dance inside.  Such a surreal, and well, magical moment.

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