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What we’ve all been waiting for 

Fave photo friday

We were playing outside today and all of the sudden Jackson was riding his bike sans training wheels out of the driveway! He had taken his training wheels off himself and just started riding!!!



we celebrated hadley’s third birthdayIMG_0533

jackson started a new season of soccer


jackson and i went to this thing called mardi gras


i’ve been baking…. a lot….


maggie has been cute and messy


and in big news, jackson’s reading skills have really taken off and maggie is starting to take steps! so proud of them!

Slow down time

Time needs to slow down. 

Yesterday at the grocery store Jackson was excited to ride in the racecar cart with his sister. After a few minutes it became apparent that his legs were a bit too long for the cart and he opted to walk. 

Jackson is officially halfway done with kindergarten. 

Maggie is cruising around and getting closer to walking ?! Can’t wait for that!

Our second Christmas with Maggie girl is right around the corner. 
Jackson can read!

Maggie can use a fork!

I feel like the list of changes and new things grows everyday. Trying to stay present and take notice! 



tonight when i was getting jackson out of the tub he told me (again) that he was a little bit sad about his school [coming to an end].  i tried explaining to him that sometimes we have different feelings at the same time, we can feel both happy and a little bit sad about something and that is called bittersweet.  after practicing how to say it a few times he said, “its a little confusing”.

i agree.

i know that in the scheme of things, preschool graduation is a small(ish) event in my life as a mom, but it feels significant to me, and to jackson.

when we were finishing up dinner yesterday on the patio, he started to get misty-eyed and told me that he wished it was the first day of school (not the last).  i never would have thought that such little ones could make such real friendships at such a young age.  i never thought that i would make such sweet friendships of my own amongst the preschool moms.

as for the sweet part of this season, i am so grateful that my boy is growing, developing, and learning as he should.  i want to show jackson how to always be excited about the future with all of its risks and uncertainties.

last day of school 2015

last day of school 2015



last day of school 2014

last day of school 2014



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