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Six months with Willa


You are SIX months old (on Mardi Gras!) Willa girl!

A whole half of a year!

Unfortunately, month 6 didn’t bring improvement in sleep.  And there was some illness as well.  You had croup for the first time which was a bummer.  We had to take you to the doctor for that.  You had your first (actually maybe 2nd) fever a couple of weeks later.  You met your friend Ella!

You like watching porkchop.  You think it’s funny to watch people on the stairs while I’m carrying you.  We love your funny faces.  You like to be held.  A lot.  You are making different sounds which is fun.

You chew on stuff like crazy.

You love the swing in the backyard, you’re content in it for a long time and you smile the most when Jackson pushes you.  You’re getting more ok with baby food.  I think you’ll just be ready for regular food early.

You’re still not rolling over a lot but you can.  You’re wiggly in your bed and you like to practice sitting up the most.  We love having you in the high chair at the table with us at meals.

. You have eczema and its a bummer. boo.

We celebrated your first valentine’s day!

We love you Willa!

It seriously blows my mind that your first year is halfway over.  Can’t wait to see more of your personality sweet girl.


Stats!  (remarkably similar to your sister actually)

Weight: 19 lb 12.5 oz (94th percentile)

Length: 28 in (98th percentile)

Head: 17 in (71st percentile)

Jackson at 6 months

Maggie at 6 months

fave photo friday

(happy naked baby edition)

summer in february

Today was 80 degrees and gorgeous.  We enjoyed it the max and even put Willa in the swing for the first time.  I think she liked it!


fave phtoo friday


Photo cred: maggie grace sutton

to remember (chilly) days at the park with bundled up babies.

2018 in Review

I’ve said for a long time that I don’t really like New Year’s.  I realized that I don’t especially like going out on New Year’s Eve but I LOVE the New Year.  I love thinking of exciting and fresh goals for the year and so far this year I have particularly enjoyed looking back on 2018.  It wasn’t necessarily a significant year for me “goal-wise” but  I did grow and give birth to a third human, so there’s that.  This year will definitely go down in the books as a big one for us.  The year four suttons became five.  Maggie learned to swim and spell her name.  Jackson played basketball and had not one but two casts!  We played in the snow, hiked in the mountains, swam in the ocean, played at the Y, went to parks, painted, read, went to the library, played with our neighbors.  It was a year of baby prep and baby cuddles.

Can’t wait to see how these three grow and surprise us in 2019.


Our first glimpse of Baby #3.


We enjoyed some snow


Maggie and Jackson found out they were having a baby SISTER!

Jackson finished his first basketball season


We found out we were having a girl!



Baby Grew


We went to the mountains for spring break with the Craigs and Cormiers.  Our longest trip to the mountain house so far and we had a blast.  We even went to Grandfather Mtn.

Jean’s birthday celebration at the Durham Bulls


Mother’s Day

Jackson got his cast taken off!

Father/son backyard Campout




Finished 2nd Grade!

The beach!


I celebrated my 33rd birthday when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby!

Baby girl kept growing

Summer fun with the cousins

We got some culture at the art museum


Jackson flew to Louisiana with Jean and the cousins!

Last (of many) pool days

Maggie became a ballerina for a day

3rd Grade!

And…..a broken arm


Baby Willa arrived at last!

Hurricane sleepover in Durham


Daddy’s birthday with all 3 kids!

Maggie Grace turned 4!

Baby Smiles

Jackson got his cast off and learned to change a diaper!

Willa’s Sip N See



Our boy turned 9!

Willa give us a scare

Thanksgiving in Goldsboro


Snow! (and lots of sleet and rain)




New Year’s Eve Charcuterie and Coloring (and bedtime by 9:30!)

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