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fave photo friday

(This picture is actually from last Thursday at Maggie’s end of year picnic with her class.  I’m always a little sad when another year of preschool ends.  Maggie keeps asking if she’s going to school, I don’t think she understands the summer break concept very well!)

Mother’s Day Weekend 2018

It already feels like summer!  We had a nice weekend doing lots of nice weekend things.  Friday night pizza, first swim of the summer, a campout for the boys, movie night, Mother’s day, Meme’s birthday, and more swimming!

Happy birthday E! (A day late)

We love you E!  Can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend!

happy belated birthday dad

a couple of sundays ago we (belatedly) celebrated my dad’s birthday at a unc game.  it was jackson’s first college basketball game.  the tarheels won.  we love you dad.

Tree Farm 2017

I think sometimes I don’t live up to my own expectations for what traditions “should” look like in our family or that we don’t have enough but I think I may be wrong about that.  We do have more traditions than I probably even realize.  One of the Christmas traditions is getting our tree at the farm across the street from our neighborhood.  Its a sweet place and I love how excited Jackson and Maggie are to visit.  We went last night and it was just beautiful.





Fire pit with s’mores!



PS When did Jackson get so tall?!

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