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Dedication Sunday

This morning we had the honor of dedicating our lives as parents to the discipleship of our sweet Maggie.  We were so blessed to have our family with us to support us.  After church we had a picnic and playtime at our favorite “dragon park”.  It was a really sweet day!

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fave photo friday


how hudson rolls at church

favorite photo friday



a couple of things about this picture.

1.  in the background, on the fridge, are two pieces of artwork.  these two pictures are special.  the one on the left is the first picture that jackson brought home from staying in sunday school and really participating!  and on the right is jackson’s first craft that he did at school!  all in the same week!  we are so proud of how well jackson has adjusted to going to “school” and staying in sunday school and having fun two weeks in a row!

2.  jackson is standing in a chair while helping me make chocolate chip banana bread.  what is interesting about this is that up until tuesday evening, i was in the habit of letting jackson sit on the counter and help me cook.  on tuesday evening, jackson was in his usual spot on the counter when i heard him cry while i had stepped over to the sink.  i turned to find him covered in peppermint extract!  he had tried to drink it!  i panicked a little after googling the effects of drinking the stuff.  ironically enough, we had just scheduled a doctor’s appoint for 30 minutes later for another issue.  he was fine.  but needless to say jackson’ post in the kitchen has been changed to a chair.