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fave photo friday

New year’s day.  Pjs all day.  Didn’t leave the house.  Two daughters!

fave photo friday


A wet, dreary, staying in, resting, and housework catch up kind of day.

Willa is starting to hold on!

(photo cred: Maggie)

fave photo friday

(This is my 801st blog post! Thank you for reading all of them Eleanor lol)


I feel that this week is best summed up in three pictures:


Essential oils, candy, and sparkle glue.

fave photo friday

when did this guy grow so much?  homemade spear courtesy of y guides

fave photo friday


Maggie was very eager to help me this week with thank you notes for both her birthday and baby gifts.  She did an excellent job stamping our return address 🙂

Maggie loves snail mail, she even writes letters back and forth with her good friend Chloe (as I type this she is writing a note to chloe at her craft table in the playroom).

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