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Tree Farm 2017

I think sometimes I don’t live up to my own expectations for what traditions “should” look like in our family or that we don’t have enough but I think I may be wrong about that.  We do have more traditions than I probably even realize.  One of the Christmas traditions is getting our tree at the farm across the street from our neighborhood.  Its a sweet place and I love how excited Jackson and Maggie are to visit.  We went last night and it was just beautiful.





Fire pit with s’mores!



PS When did Jackson get so tall?!

Merry everything 

I’m working on a “year in review” post but in the meantime, here are some Holiday photos. Every year I find myself thinking about how I can plan, organize, and do more, but I think that’s just the nature of being a mom at Christmas time! December included track out for Jackson, multiple illnesses for almost all of us, Play dates, advent, trips to the library, museum visits, baking, Christmas movies, crafting, too much screen time, slow mornings, book reading, Christmas music, and way too many treats! We have been merry and yes, tired and short on patience at times, but I’m so thankful for Jesus and family and Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2016

Well, thanksgiving looked a little different this year. Maggie girl was sick so the girls stayed home while the boys went to meme and gdad’s house. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a thanksgiving. Regardless, it was a nice, relaxed morning  with beautiful weather, parade watching, cinnamon rolls, pie, and lots if coffee and cuddles. 

Slow down time

Time needs to slow down. 

Yesterday at the grocery store Jackson was excited to ride in the racecar cart with his sister. After a few minutes it became apparent that his legs were a bit too long for the cart and he opted to walk. 

Jackson is officially halfway done with kindergarten. 

Maggie is cruising around and getting closer to walking ?! Can’t wait for that!

Our second Christmas with Maggie girl is right around the corner. 
Jackson can read!

Maggie can use a fork!

I feel like the list of changes and new things grows everyday. Trying to stay present and take notice! 


valentine’s day 2015

valentine’s day 2015 was a good one.  it was kind of fun that it was on a saturday and we could lounge around and be together.  i decorated the house the night before and put out jackson’s valentines.  that guy sure gets excited over a little bit of chocolate!  this year travis did pick up a new lego set for him and he was so surprised. i dont think he has stopped playing with them since!  poor maggie was fussy most of the evening on saturday and was getting over a slight fever from her shots on friday, but we still managed to have a nice dinner together and enjoy the day!

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