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fave photo friday

Maggie may not look super thrilled in this picture.  But we had an unexpected afternoon together yesterday.  Jackson was with me when I picked up Maggie from school and they had fun playing on the preschool playground together for a few minutes.

fave photo friday


That one time Jackson was more into taking a picture than Maggie.  Both are always very into helping me in the kitchen.

Super 2nd Grader

Last week we got to visit Jackson’s school for a curriculum night.  The kids showed us what they have been learning and we got to participate in one of their “daily meetings”.


We’re so proud of you Jackson!

fave photo friday


Jackson was writing and drawing a transformer at bedtime tonight.  Lately, he has been reading a lot and drawing more.  i love it.

Summer days


*Just found this post in my drafts folder.  Today we found out J’s new school won’t be ready as scheduled (new building).  Summer has been extended until September 18th!  Hooray for more summer days!


Enjoying a nice slow, summer day.

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