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Holiday fun so far

We had a really nice Thanksgiving as a family of 5 (that’s still crazy!)


Christmas Tree Farm 2018

Jackson and Maggie were more interested in the s’mores and playing hide and seek amongst the rows of trees than picking out the tree, but we got our first tree as a family of 5 (!).  It smells delightful and I have the perfect view from my favorite spot on the couch.


9 going on 21

I may be biased but I think he’s the most handsome.


and then he turned 9!

Oh, Jackson, you’re getting so old!  I’m not even going to talk about how you’re halfway to 18…..not even going to talk about it.

We enjoyed our traditional birthday morning with you last week with nutella crepes and presents.

Gifts included a World of Warcraft history book and t-shirt, a minecraft lego set (from Maggie) and a minecraft game.  


That night we celebrated with Dashi (your first time!) in Durham and a cookies and cream cake (as requested)at the Cormier house.


Right now Jackson…

loves video games

loves his sisters (and all of his family) even more

typically comes home from school reporting a great day!

loves to play outside after school

does not like homework

likes to play legos while listening to diary of a wimpy kid cds in his room (and leaves the room without turning them off!)

is enjoying his new room

does y guides with Dad

is still our enthusiastic, sensitive, playful, caring, supportive, happy, kind boy.

You’re the best Jackson.  For real.  Its really amazing to watch you grow up and to get to enjoy bigger kid things with you.

fave photo friday

2014 vs 2018

fave photo friday

My boy recently started reading Harry Potter for the first time, and as he put it, “he’s totally attached to his book”. Makes this book-loving (and Harry Potter loving) Mom so happy.

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