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durham day

We were lucky enough to spend the day in durham with Jean and the kiddos.  We went to the Eno river (first time for us) and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Jean’s.  Thankful for these summer days (and places to cool off).



My big sister spoils me in many ways.

She feeds me and my kids and even fulfills my pregnancy cravings (today: caprese salad and hamburger sliders with sauteed onions and loads of mustard).


fave photo friday

the little artist has been back at it this week.

carpool photo booth

fave photo friday



Maggie was so excited to have a post-nap tea party.  (Even big brother wanted to a part of the next one when he heard milanos were involved)

fave photo friday


The other night before bed, the kids were playing so sweetly with each other.  They were very focused on their writing.

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