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summer in february

Today was 80 degrees and gorgeous.  We enjoyed it the max and even put Willa in the swing for the first time.  I think she liked it!


fave phtoo friday


Photo cred: maggie grace sutton

to remember (chilly) days at the park with bundled up babies.

fave photo friday

(This is my 801st blog post! Thank you for reading all of them Eleanor lol)


I feel that this week is best summed up in three pictures:


Essential oils, candy, and sparkle glue.

Around here of late

People have asked me how it has been the last few months with three children.  I normally answer by saying something like, “great!  as good as it could be really!”  And I mean that.  I have two older kids who are pretty self-sufficient and delighted by their new sister.  I have a healthy baby who eats and sleeps well and seems to have a pretty relaxed disposition.  But three kids is still three kids.  I generally feel like someone always needs something and I feel that I am ignoring someone most of the time.  Often I find that the intense moments come in spurts, when after hours of peace, everyone explodes at the same time and usually when we need to be getting in the car to go somewhere and we’re already almost late (I’m realizing more and more how much I hate being late).  Being a mom to three has certainly highlighted how much I need to learn about patience and grace.  However, despite the challenges, I want to remember this cozy season of baby cuddles, crafting, cooking, and short winter days.

I took this picture to while I was finishing up dinner the other day. Maggie came up to me, sat on the table, crossed her legs, and asked me, “what is your favorite thing to do at parties?”

I can’t stop making and eating pumpkin pie. This is my favorite Christmas mug. And thanks to my Keurig, I use it about 4x/day.

Comfort food during the cold months is my favorite type of cooking. Shepherd’s pie, Pork Ragu, Chicken pot pie, pie!, soups on sunday, bread, and more bread. A table set for family dinner on a cold night is happy sight.

Maggie’s new wheels

Maggie really wanted a bike for her birthday and even picked it out online with her dad.  (The pink one!) I knew it was going to be a little tricky for her to get used to it and it has been but she has really worked hard the past few days and is getting it!  She said, “its so fun!  I love it!”.  I have to admit, it has been a little challenging for me to hold back a little and let her get it on her own time and I had some moments of pushing her a little bit for sure.  Overall though, she has started riding progressively on her own time.  So proud of you Maggie Grace!

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