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32 weeks

We’re getting close!  Somehow 8 more weeks seems both really short and really long!

a bit of magic

Motherhood, I have found, is a rather constant swing from highs to lows and back again.  In the middle of messes, frustrations, exhaustion, etc., there are moments of pure joy.  Today was no exception.  I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon, and was trying to lay down to rest after helping Maggie with finger-painting (!).


Maggie very sweetly was taking care of her baby next to me on the couch and then the magic happened….

She snuggled up next to me, and fell asleep.  The only sounds were our “sleep music” on my phone and the fan.  While laying with my big  baby girl, I could feel my new baby girl wiggle and dance inside.  Such a surreal, and well, magical moment.

fave photo friday


25 down.  15 to go.

24 weeks

Dear Willa,

We are over halfway through our wait to meet you!  As of Wednesday, the pregnancy is 24 weeks along.  Even as I type this I can feel you wiggling and jumping in my tummy.  I never get used to it; it’s always exciting to feel you move.  I felt a little sick at the very beginning with you, for about 3 weeks.  But since then I have felt pretty good!  Sometimes I don’t sleep so great (but that is mostly due to your big sister waking up so much!).  For a while I wanted to eat tacos pretty much everyday.  Then I wanted asian food.  I have LOVED salt and vinegar chips and mustard for the whole pregnancy so far.  At the 17 week ultrasound I had to get up and move so much to get you to move around; it was really funny.



Your name, Willa, is one that I had never heard of until recently but your dad and I agreed, as he put it, that it just sounded like your name.  He said, “it resonates”.  (We’re still working on your middle name.)

You have a big brother and sister who could not be more excited about you.  Seriously.  I don’t think there was ever a pair of siblings more thrilled to have a new baby in the family.

I’ve started to think about planning your room and getting it all ready.  I have a feeling that this summer is going to fly by and you will be with us before we know it.



carpool photo booth

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