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Love her


sweet summer day

we had a really nice day.  lots of sweetness.

jackson and i were able to visit with our friends, the Moores, and their new baby, sweet Elizabeth Kate.

we were happily surprised to find trent there visiting as well!

jackson really liked the baby and even held her!

after leaving the hospital, my little man took me out for lunch at neomondes.  i was glad to see that jackson really digs lentils, couscous, and hummus!

during naptime i made homemade pasta for the first time!  i was nervous but i really enjoyed it!  i tried to recreate a dish that travis and i loved in rome, cacio e pepe, its basically pasta with cheese and pepper.  i think it turned out ok!

we checked out our growing garden (so excited that things are actually growing and not dying!)


we ran in the yard and went swinging on the hammock

we cuddled

we looked at pictures of me growing up

we talked.

we are really enjoying really talking to jackson.  travis and jackson can lay in a pillow fort or on the bed and chat for forever.

my favorite conversation of the day:

j: “jackson happy”

me: “what makes jackson happy?”

j: “veggie tales”

me: “what else?”

j: “jesus”

me: “what else?”

j: “trent”



and did i mention that daddy brought these home?!  holy moly.

i should just go to bed before i eat more cupcake.

first fruits

we planted strawberry plants for the first time.  they are cause for great excitement around here.

the first one: