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maggie is one week away from being 16 months old and took her first steps yesterday (while i was in the shower but whatever… ­čÖé

jackson is halfway through his 3rd quarter of kindergarten. ┬átoday i told him he had 5 weeks until track out and he said, “wait, does that mean i only have 2 more trackouts until im a first grader!?” crazy!

it was like 74 degrees today and i wore shorts and a tshirt

maggie has been sick for two weeks….jackson has been sick for almost as long

me and the mr have had a round of sickness, at least at different types

2.5 snow days

a billion sick days.

5 days until jackson and i go to new orleans!



Beach trip September 2015


fave photo friday

(father’s day edition.)

IMG_1143 (2)

some summer scenes

as i type this, it is rest time at our house.  maggie is sleeping upstairs and jackson is watching paw patrol.

we were at the pool at 9:40 for Jackson’s swim lessons. ┬áhe has had them for almost two weeks, tomorrow morning is the last day. ┬ámaggie and I sit in the shade talking to friends while jackson swims. ┬ámost days we have stayed for a couple of hours and today was no exception. ┬áim thankful both kids love the water and it is really fun to watch jackson swim better and better. ┬ái got to enjoy sitting in the shade with maggie asleep on me for a while today while jackson swam. ┬ánot every morning goes this smoothly (i.e. yesterday) but today has been a good day so far.

the summer has also included a few days at the beach, popsicles, lunches at home together, lazy mornings, iced coffee (for mommy at least), extra screen time for jackson (mommy fail), and lots of playtime with cousins and friends.

these are good days. ┬ácan’t wrap my mind around the fact that jackson starts kindergarten in just over 2 weeks!

IMG_0120 IMG_0128 IMG_0149


IMG_0165 IMG_0174 IMG_0176 IMG_0178 IMG_0205 IMG_0219 IMG_0269 IMG_0283 IMG_0285


After her bath the other night I realized Maggie and her dad do seem to match!


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