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January Snow!

Last month we got some good snow!  A good 5-6 inches! Unfortunately, I was recovering from the stomach bug on the first day ( I still dressed up those kiddos and sent them out) but was able to make it outside the next day.  It was so pretty!

Is this thing on?!

And I’m back! 
Looking forward to jumping back into this blogging life!

Friday morning fun

Right now, I get to sit on the couch with my boy, smell the Christmas tree, watch a Christmas movie and share Christmas cookies! It’s officially track out! I’m so excited for extra time with Jackson and during the best time of the year! 

This morning Maggie and I spent time with E at the NCMA walking, coffe drinking, snacking, and talking. The weather was clear and crisp. It was perfect. 

Thanksgiving 2016

Well, thanksgiving looked a little different this year. Maggie girl was sick so the girls stayed home while the boys went to meme and gdad’s house. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a thanksgiving. Regardless, it was a nice, relaxed morning  with beautiful weather, parade watching, cinnamon rolls, pie, and lots if coffee and cuddles. 

Current Past times 

Maggie is really into “play cars”

Jackson has been into writing about science things for a while.  Tonight I gave him my rock collection from when I was a kid and he immediately wanted to write descriptions of each rock and draw pictures. He said there should be an app where you can take a picture and it tells you what kind it is. I told him to tell daddy. 😉

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