Jackson is 8!

This month, Jackson turned 8!

8. years.old.  Halfway to driving!

That feels like a big number.  I think I say that every year with my first born.  We celebrated your birthday with cousins, friends, bowling and arcade time.  It was a blast.


Once again, you have majorly impressed us with your adaptability.  After an amazingly long and exciting summer, you started a second grade at a new school in September, and you were so brave about it.  You played soccer again this spring and fall, and you always have so much fun playing.  You started basketball for the first time and once again, we are impressed by how excited you are to try to new things.  You are doing well in school.  You say Math is your favorite but you really seem most excited about learning about history and ancient civilizations.  You are getting more into art, sometimes you’ll draw (tonight you drew the millenium falcon) and you colored with Maggie.  You still love to be outside with our neighbors, playing your nintendo switch (which you earned through summer reading).  I love when we get to have alone time.  Jackson, you are kind, silly, forgiving, serving, and shy.   You wake up early on the weekends and take care of your sister so your parents can sleep in a little.  You like to wake up at 6:30 on school mornings so that you can have “slow mornings”.  You are very sweet to enthusiastically compliment your mom’s cooking.  You really are so fun.  Today I had an idea for another spot for the Christmas tree and you insisted that we put it in the same corner because of “traditions”!  You love decorating the house with me for holidays.  You’re enthusiastic and you care about people.  You’re the best brother, ever.  Ever.

You like:

Going to Daddy’s office

Cooking with Me  (I really need to more often)

Hanging out with your cousins

Playing in the cul-de-sac with neighbors

Video games


Blaze Pizza (half sauce, half cheese, double the mushrooms)

Sleeping with your fan on (no matter how cold it is)

Doughnuts (and all things sugar)

Hugging your family

Chicken pot pie

Helping others

School breaks

Reading together at bedtime

Going on walks together

Building forts

You don’t like: 

(this list is much shorter)


Big groups of people you don’t know


Buddy, you are one loved guy.  Can’t wait to see everything this year has in store for you.  We are beyond grateful to be your parents.









  1. Eleanor Hawthorne

    I love love love this picture of you and Jack hugging. He looks so old and handsome!

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