jackson’s 2nd birthday

Happy Birthday Sweet Jackson!

Jackson’s first day as a two year old began with the traditional sutton  birthday breakfast – swedish pancakes.  i think his favorite part was helping me cook.



he enjoyed his with strawberry jelly inside.

we were very happy to have jean, hudson, and eleanor spend the night with us last night.  the mister had to go out of town for work this week so it was nice to have family here with us on his birthday morning.

we spent the morning playing before making a trip to our favorite grocery store – trader joe’s before having lunch and taking a nap.

after naptime i took jackson to a bakery (to order a cake for his party) and to share a birthday treat with mommy (i forgot my camera!).

afterwards we visited a little used book store where jackson was delighted to find a toy train set to play with while i picked out some new books for the two of us.

we ended the afternoon with a short run to the playground and played until it was time for dinner.

i actually had to run an errand after dinner so i promised the  2 year old a special birthday balloon.

here he is with his “cheese” smile.

our 2 year old jackson is:

incredibly affectionate

slightly mischievous

(he smiles and says hey to me when he knows he’s doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing)

in love with trains

a fan of curious george, lightening mcqueen, thomas the train, and elmo

always interested in any tractor, truck, or motorcyle

not a fan of swings

great at making cow, duck, sheep, dog, and truck noises

interested in all sports and calls them “bee-ball”

jackson calls praying, “amen” and reminds me to pray if i forget

he loves reading books, particularly clifford the big red dog and goodnight moon.

we took him to his first “play” last weekend.  it was a puppet show performance of goodnight moon and runaway bunny. (he cried at first when the lights went out but then really loved it.)

he loves running in grass and being outside in general.

jackson enjoyed phone calls from his daddy and grandparents today.

we are all looking forward to celebrating his birthday together on saturday!

sweet jackson,

mommy and daddy love you so much.  we are so blessed to be your parents and are thrilled to watch you grow into a little boy. 

happy birthday.




  1. Tracy

    Happy Birthday Jackson! You are such a big boy. Tell your mommy that there are plenty of trains at my house if she ever wants to bring you over for a playdate 🙂

  2. jackson said he would LOVE to come play!:)

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