Maggie at 3

In October, our Maggie turned three.


Maggie Grace-

I want to try and capture a picture of what you are like right now. This will be tough.  You and Jackson are so awesome and interesting, I know its impossible to try and remember everything about you but I’m going to try!

You are so much fun.  A few months ago you discovered Sofia the first and have been in princess mode ever since.  You like to wear princes dresses as much as you can, and I let you wear them almost anywhere.  You continue to LOVE all things baby.  You are so sweet and gentle with actual babies.  You’ve grown up a lot in the last couple of months.  In September you stopped using diapers and in October you stopped using pacis (this is a big deal)!  You had the idea to put all of your pacis in a gift bag to send to a baby who needs them.  You are such a big girl and you love reminding us of that and doing things “all by yourself”.  You love playing outside with your friends and school has been really fun this year (you go on Tuesday and Thursday mornings).  You talk a lot and we love it; it is so fun.  It seems like everyday you are surprising me with something you are saying.  You’re theatrical.  You take a while to fall asleep at night; you talk and sing and play in your crib for a while.  You are very expressive. You like to paint pictures for specific people, especially Daddy.  You are brave and confident and (mostly) independent.  I think you and me are pretty similar which is super fun but a little tricky sometimes!  You still take naps and you like puzzles.

We love you so much Maggie Grace!  You are a precious blessing!

You love….

having your hair french braided (specifically in one elsa braid)

watching shows and movies (doc mcstuffins, sofia, frozen, tangled)

playing outside with our friends (without shoes and in a princess dress)

to sing (you can be very particular about which songs – princess songs)

painting your nails

snacks (almost anything and especially Ms. Christine’s snacks)

your brother

worship at church

your dad

your mom

your grandparents and cousins

parties! (you talked about your birthday party for months, insisting on having it at our house)

dressing up (obviously)

opening the van door by yourself

purple and pink


blaze pineapple pizza

You are not a fan of…

porkchop licking you

porkchop taking your food

potty breaks

having your teeth brushed

Daddy traveling for work

18 months

12 months

11 months

10 months

9 months

8 months

7 months

6 months

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

Maggie is here!

Jackson at 3

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