one month

every month i’ll take a picture of jackson with his beagle to see how he grows.

jackson at one month


jackson at one month (2)


its already been a month since we had jackson and we’re doing great!  he’s been sleeping in his crib (most nights) for about a week now.  im not sure how much he weighs but his newborn clothes are getting pretty tight!  he seems to be smiling more and more and im loving it (even if it is just gas!)  he sleeps really well at night letting me get a decent amount of sleep!


  1. Marty

    Love the pics! Keep them coming!

  2. OMG he is so adorable! I’ll be coming through Chapel Hill/Durham sometime between Christmas and New Years and I would love to meet Jackson!

  3. yeah id love to see you! give me a call when you’re in town!

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