i realize that the past few posts look like the same thing over and over again.  the truth is that for the past week or so jackson has been constantly pulling this chair up to the counter and requesting that we make “treats” in the “big bowl” (my standing mixer).  jackson is learning all kinds of new words everyday.  ive noticed a pattern this weekend though, food.

last night in the car travis (quietly) asked me if i wanted anything from chickfila, then we heard from the backseat:

“chickfila – eat”.

this morning when i went in to get jackson out of his bed he greeted me by saying:

“hungry.  cookies”.

this morning around breakfast time (several times), jackson asked me to make treats with him so i told him that this afternoon after his nap we could make treats together.  i left for a baby shower while he was still napping and when i pulled the car into the driveway i saw him run to the front door.  he opened the door for me and immediately said:


and with that he ran to the kitchen and pulled his chair up to the mixer.


so we made cookies.

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