we have arrived

here is the boy and his toy beagle at 12 months

our Jackson is a ONE YEAR OLD

my recent posts may hint at this – i’ve been very nostalgic the past few days.  i think peaking last night as i replayed my labor and delivery with jackson.  im sitting here typing and re-typing trying to describe what those memories mean to me and the emotions that they illicit but i simply can’t describe it.  the early days of parenthood was such a sweet time.

one would think jackson was graduating from college based on the way i’ve been talking!

we had a wonderful family birthday extravaganza on saturday afternoon.  more on that later.

its official.  he WALKS!

i love seeing this little guy walk around.

jackson is really into patting porkchop.  when i say “good dog” he walks over and pats porkchop on the back with both hands.  he smiles really big and looks at me while he does it.

he likes to put his cup behind his head and then reveal it when we say “where is your cup?”

lately jackson has been patting his belly while he walks around.

our little guy knows how to show his disapproval – thats for sure.  if we take something away from him he can melt down like the best of them.

(the previous picture was not melting down by the way, it was laughing)

jackson loves to play with his trucks aka “vroom vroom”.  he says “da” for travis (still no mama).  his new words include clock, car, hot, and porkchop (his version at least).  dog continues to be his most used word.  waving his hand saying “ha ha” for hot seems to be his favorite thing to do.  if anything is on the stove its “hot hot”.  or if he sees a mug, its hot too.  he mimics the sound of the blender when he sees it and always wants to be held in the kitchen to see whats going on.

as soon as he started walking, jackson started walking while carrying things.  for a couple of days he carried one of his hangers and a pair of shorts.

oh yeah, and he HATES being on the changing table.  we’re working on that.

it is so exciting to see him change, learn, and grow at this age.  such fun.

this year has been the most meaningful of my life.

im excited to see what the next will hold.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Jackson!!!

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